Hair Removal

Preparing for Treatment


When preparing for Laser Hair Removal you should avoid:

  • Tanning of any kind.
  • Waxing, plucking and bleaching 2-4 weeks before hair removal.
  • Shaving two days before the treatment as hair follicles need to be visible.
  • Putting cosmetics, lotions, creams and deodorant on the area before the treatment.

After Treatment


• It is common to experience some redness and in some instances a heat rash. This should have dissipated in one to eight hours following treatment.


• Occasionally superficial ‘skin flaking’ is experienced. This is a normal temporary reaction. We advise applying soothing cream such as Aloe Vera gel or after-sun lotion and continue your normal skin care routine.


• If any ‘abnormal’ side effects occur then please contact our Therapists for advice.


• We expect your treated hair roots to fall out in between treatments and we suggest gentle exfoliation of the area (except on irritated skin).


• Please ensure that direct exposure of the treated areas to the sun is avoided. When outdoors protect treated areas by using a complete sun block (factor 50). Ideally the area should not be exposed to direct sunlight until your course of treatment is complete.


In Between Treatments


• After Laser Hair Removal sessions you can continue to shave or use depilatory creams if you wish to keep the treated area ‘hair free’. We advise against plucking or waxing the area between treatments as this disturbs the hair growth cycle which can affect how the laser treatments work.


• When returning for follow-on treatments please ensure that 1-2mm of hair is visible on the surface of your skin.


• We advise that you shave the treatment area a few days before your appointment, this is to ensure your skin is not too sensitive to treat.










Laser hair removal is safe and effective anywhere you have unwanted hair that’s dark enough to draw the laser.

What hair colour can you treat?


The procedure is most effective on darker hairs with more pigment because hair removal lasers are attracted to the pigment in your hairs

See the guild below!

What to expect on the day of the Treatment


Prior to your procedure you should make sure the area being treated in freshly shaven. This will allow for effective energy delivery of the laser device to your hair follicles, thus providing a more effective treatment. During the treatment, the laser specialist will guide the device over the treatment area. As he or she does, it will deliver light energy, which travels through your skin and is absorbed by the hair follicles. You may feel cold air blowing throughout the treatment for added comfort. You will also hear a slight beep as the laser delivers this energy into your skin. It is normal to feel a slight snapping like a rubber band as the energy is being delivered.


The hair follicles that absorb energy from the laser will be damaged. Hairs that were present in the follicles at the time of treatment will fall out over the next couple of weeks and future hair growth will be impaired. Since not all hairs are actively growing at the same time multiple treatments are required for optimal results. As the follicles in the transitional and resting periods return to the active growth phase, you may notice some hair regrowth but not as thick as it was before the treatment. This regrowth will become thinner and lighter with each subsequent treatment until there is little, to no hair at all.

*All Laser Hair Removal treatments require a Patch Test before starting the program. Patch Testing is £30 unless opting for the package of unlimited sessions and paying in full on the day of treatment, in which case the patch test is free of charge.

Why Shave when you can Laser?


Laser Hair Removal offers a convenient alternative to the hassle of regular shaving and waxing, with a single course of treatment providing patients with a permanent reduction in unwanted hair growth.


Traditional hair removal routines can be tedious, painful, and expensive over time. In fact, the average woman will spend 72 days of her life shaving her legs! And shaving only lasts a few days. But none of them last forever. Therein lies the true beauty of laser hair removal; it offers you a permanent solution while saving you time and money. Here, at Chic Laser we are happy to announce that we have the most advanced laser for hair removal: the Elite+™ by Cynosure®. This laser provides safe and effective treatment of unwanted hair on all skin types and on all areas of the body. Get at the root of unwanted hair. Call Chic Laser at 01273 730 700 and schedule your consultation today.

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